Wednesday, June 28, 2023

P.C. Walter Lafford

"Spiffy" comes to mind when I see P.C. 350 Walter J. Lafford in his neat 
uniform holding white gloves.  Some justifiable pride comes shining through.



  1. Well, hello PC Lafford. I find you most arresting.

    I would love to know what that wristband denotes but what with the white gloves, I wonder if it has to do with traffic control. Automobiles at the time were limited to 30mph and initially had to have a pedestrian several paces in the front waving a red flag! Notice the chain hanging from his top button and disappearing into his left breast pocket. That is his whistle, which would be blown if he required assistance. To manhandle a suspect without permission would have been deemed assault but as soon as a policeman had sounded his whistle, you would have been in the clear, assisting a police officer "in the course of his duties". I love some of the language used by the police. English law takes the law of sub judice very, very seriously. Unlike in France, where I have actually heard on a news flash that "the murderer has been caught", the regular phrase is "a man is helping the police with their inquiries". Yeah, I bet.

    1. Ah, those whistles. I remember them in the old Sherlock Holmes movies.