Thursday, July 13, 2023

Field Engineers

These German field engineers are building a bridge.  As you will see in a later 
post today, those trucks in the background were almost a luxury.



  1. I would imagine that this is taking place in the western reaches of Eastern Europe. Supply lines would be a lesser distance from Germany proper. One of the things that impresses in film of pre-War Warsaw is the number of horse-drawn vehicles, roughly double than would have been seen in German towns. This is because they were most probably farmers bringing their produce into the capital and once out of the metropolis, would have been travelling quite literally in conditions that had not much changed since Mediaeval times.There was some logic in the use of horses, because Easter Europe had far fewer made-up roads, and the Nazis would use forced labour to build modern roads in order to get mechanized vehicular transport to the Eastern front.

    1. This is all true, but I would only add that the Germans were chronically short of fuel for the trucks they did use. Hay was in better supply than gasoline or diesel.