Saturday, July 8, 2023

Lake Mead

We can barely see the boat in this nudist magazine picture, and it's an inflatable in Lake Mead.  These days, the lake has shrunk to the point that many of the docks and marinas are high and dry.



  1. Is that because of a lack of rain or evaporation owing to increased atmospheric temperatures? I do so hope the view is as good today and back then!

    1. Yes, that's the reason. Happily this year will be a respite due to huge snow cover now melting in the Western mountains.

    2. Lake Mead's water levels are falling due to population increases throughout the southwest and a political agenda that keeps desalinization from being implemented to resolve water issues. California has plenty of water in the ocean but refuses to invest in making it fit for human consumption. Meanwhile, the population of Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles all continue to swell but nobody told mother nature to increase the rainfall in a desert area. It is man's fault but it has nothing to do with climate change, global warming, or any other moniker of the era: it is due to overuse of the resources within the area and no one planning to fully resolve the issue.

    3. Population pressures are indeed the main problem, and an epochal drought isn't helping. FWIW, over 70% of the Colorado River Basin water goes to agriculture to feed all those people and millions outside the region.