Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Nudist Week, Day 4 - Oddball Sports

For day four of Nudist Week, we take a look at sporting activities that are not the usual volleyball and shuffleboard.  We start with a bizarre combination of croquet and golf.  Or is it pingpong?



  1. As with most games invented, by and large, in Victorian times, there was a period between innovation and standardization of rules. (The archetypal example is that of Association Football (Soccer) and Rugby Football, which emerged in the Victorian period in the British public schools as "football". Rugby School rules allowed a player to handle the ball, other schools not so, and the game diverged into two distinct games.)

    The above game looks like a left-over version of "golf croquet" which was still played on a lawn but had simpler rules than what became Association Croquet - some versions using a tee, some not.

    The game was normally played by senior citizens of at least 65½ and just as beautiful as they were at 59¾. The usual rig was plimsolls/daps/pumps, white skirt or flannels, white cricketing pullover and a green visor against the glare, should ever the English sun penetrate the cloud layer.

    1. Thanks for enlightening us on the sporting angle.