Sunday, July 9, 2023

Sturdy and furry

While we might wish for a clearer photo, this fellow still impresses.



  1. Yes, and he knows it. One slab of man.

    Come up to the Lab
    And see what's on the slab
    I see you shiver with antici... pation
    But maybe the rain
    Is really to blame
    So I'll remove the cause
    But not
    The symptom

    Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Show 1973)

    1. I saw Tim Curry perform that role in the theatre when it first moved to the West End. One of the most memorable performances of all time. Sheer brilliance.

    2. Susan Sarandon saw the stage play and managed to get introduced to Tim Curry just to say hello. He personally convinced her to read for the role of Janet in the upcoming movie. Against the advice of her agent and despite misgivings, she took the role. The studio where they filmed was not heated and the cast nearly froze in their skimpy costumes. (The crew wore overcoats. It was that cold.) After Ms. Sarandon came down with pneumonia, the producers brought in some heaters. The set promptly caught fire, but no one was injured.