Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Whatever happened to Don Deckman?

Whenever I've posted photos of Don Deckman (1935-2020), they've always had a great response from viewers, so I've finally got around to doing a "whatever happened to . . . " series on him.  In the course of putting this together, I've learned that he was a star athlete, a hard worker, a good father to his four children, a successful businessman, and beloved by his two ex-wives, one of whom wrote a glowing tribute to him and the other whose obituary listed him and his two children by the other wife among her survivors.  I'd love to know the details on that system of relationships.  Oh, and a note on the frontal photo attributions.  Some collectors and archivists say that these were taken by Lyle Frisby and published by Pat Milo after Mr. Frisby's death.  Others just attribute them to Mr. Milo.   Mr. Deckman's modeling career seems to have begun while Lyle Frisby was still living, but most experts put these in the Milo column.  Anyway, here's Don Deckman.



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