Monday, August 21, 2023

John Haley

Although the model, John Haley, looks a bit uncertain, the viewer has no doubt that 
he is seeing something special here.  Those horizontal bars, the directional lighting, 
and the placement of the model create a special sort of human geometry.



  1. For a second, I thought those were the ropes of a boxing ring. The pose is magnificent! So is the lighting.

  2. Perhaps a long shot on my part, but I wonder if Pat Milo coming from a generation born and imbued by Art Deco, may be responsible for the very geometrical nature of this image. There are countless examples of this in Milo's work and perhaps generational influences in style both brought out and nurtured what was clearly an enormous innate talent.

    1. Maybe not such a long shot. The juxtaposition of curves, lines, and angles is common to both Ard Deco and Mr. Milo's work, just more subtle in the latter.

  3. Haley posed and lit in such a way by Milo as to accentuate his handsome face, v-shaped torso and fine derriere :)