Friday, August 18, 2023

Triple Feature, the History of Men's Bathing Suits, Part 1 - the 19th Century

Today we have a triple feature on the evolution of men's bathing attire from 1880 to 1956.  I'm certain that I've left out a few important styles and gotten some items wrong, but it should be fun.
We start with a hirsute gentleman in an ornate suit and what look like ballet shoes.



  1. This suit shows a decided Japanese influence, in keeping with much of the art - Art Nouveau - and design of that late Victorian period. One rarely sees swimming pumps or slippers, but the sandy beach in this image does not demonstrate how useful they were when walking on pebbles. The background has fixed "beach huts" not "bathing machines" to wheel into the water, so he's lucky to be on sand!

    1. I went to one of those pebbled beaches once. Yikes!