Saturday, September 9, 2023

Barry Hostetler

Playgirl model Barry Hostetler posed for this memorable photo with a bow and arrow.
I don't know if this was a fairlyunusual Playgirl black and white image or converted later.



  1. Nice light/dark contrast here, among other nice things,

  2. This was converted to black and white. This was originally color.

  3. My memory of this picture was as a big ol' poster on the wall of the lounge in the Olympic Baths in Portland, OR, along with other posters of Mr. Hostetler. One night, the baths were broken into and robbed. Lots of things stolen, some vandalism, but the pictures of Mr. Hostetler were not touched. Perhaps the thief was not a fan, or simply full of respect and awe.

  4. Yep, converted. Here is a page w his whole spread, including this pic: