Friday, September 1, 2023


A model known only as "Brahm" appeared in a number of Jack Mitchell's photos.
Although it looks like a montage, my source says that it's a double exposure.



  1. The is Brahm van Zetten. He played the role of Samson in Wakefield Poole's softcore straight porn film "Bible" in 1974. He's probably better known as Target photo model Brand.

  2. He reminds me of the apparently appropriately-named Long John Baldry, a blues singer in the early 60s, who had every teenage girl in hysterics. It was entirely wasted, however, because Mr Baldry even then was out as gay and there is purportedly a long list of household names of male stars who got within 100ft of him and rolled over and shaved their legs. Mr van Zetten is sporting a very serious bit of goatee, isn't he.

    1. Mr. Baldry was a real pioneer when it came to gays in the commercial music world. He was also known as "Sugar Bear" and inspired Elton John's song Someone Saved My Life Tonight when he convinced Sir Elton to break off his engagement to a woman. And yes, that goatee is serious.

  3. Joli portrait du beau visage et de doux derrière de van Zetten.
    Oeuvre unique par Mitchell. =