Thursday, September 14, 2023

Cable car

A bunch of naked hippies seem to be transferring from their VW minibus 
to a cable car in San Francisco, the one-time capital of Hippiedom.



  1. I'm a tad disappointed. Where are the flowers in their hair? I suppose those cable cars are still going. My late brother used to fly himself down the west coast of America from Vancouver to ride on them. SF was one of his favourite cities.

    1. I've never really liked the place, but there are some beautiful areas nearby.

    2. Thinking of the two guys on In Living Color. “Hated It”.
      All those naked men, cable car and a VW bus and we get more about who liked the city and who didn’t care for it.
      I do wonder if this was a college prank or what was really going on here. And the foot ware worn by some of the naked men. Guess it was before young people all wore sneakers.
      Oh, and I like San Francisco and the areas around it.