Wednesday, September 6, 2023

David Fitzen

Our tenth Bruce Bellas model is a confident and lanky David Fitzen,
one of the amazing group of bodybuilders from Salt Lake City.



  1. Very attractive package, definitely a keeper.

  2. Well, Jerry, I know it can be tedious to go on about models' IDs, however, both you and James from 'Men from Back Then' have identified this guy as David Fitzen. In my records the name given is Cal Chess - he posed with James Schwertley in several shots. The guy I've got as David Fitzen looks very different. That David Fitzen posed with Walt Needham in several shots. I would think it's rather an unlikely coincidence that there are two David Fitzens, but of course it IS possible. It would be nice if there were some way to verify it either way.

    1. Sometimes I think that if somebody did a doctoral dissertation on this subject, there would still be errors and omissions, t
      The body of knowledge is what it is.