Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Lakehead Yearbook

When I researched this photo labeled "Lakehead Yearbook, 1960," I discovered two colleges of that name in Canada plus a high school in California.  I'm going with Canada as it's indoors.



  1. My Canadian friends have all confirmed that naked swimming in both municipal as well as college baths was the norm for the time and so I'm sure you're right.

  2. See which shows the full yearbook page from Lakehead College, Ontario, 1960. This site exposes numerous other yearbook photos of nude swimmers as fakes, but not this one. On another page, the website analyzes this photo and concludes that it's genuine.

  3. I'm the source for tracking down the originals of the faked yearbook pages on the site The Lakehead yearbook is one of only two genuine yearbooks I have found featuring naked images, but the nudity is very discrete and no genitalia is shown. Interestingly, the previous page of the same yearbook features a locker room photo of a naked guy but with a towel held strategically to hide his bits.

    1. Thank you for sharing your expertise here. Much appreciated!