Sunday, September 17, 2023

Victor Hugo

Our last Warhol contact sheet image is of Victor Hugo (1948-1994), aka Victor Rojas.  Born in Venezuela, Hugo moved to New York in 1973 following a military coup.  He became an escort to pay the bills, and one of his clients was Halston, the fashion designer.  The two had a 17 year tempestuous relationship, and it was during that time that Victor encountered Andy Warhol.  He became a part-time member of Warhol's extensive entourage, and posed for a large number of photographs.  Victor later complained about the way Warhol portrayed him.  The story has a sad ending in that his drug addiction led him to become homeless for a time.  He died of AIDS in 1994.



  1. Believe it or not, born and raised in Warhol's hometown, been to both Warhol museums-here and in Slovakia- I had NO IDEA he photographed naked males. Mind, I don't find them particularly attractive.

    1. It wasn't what he was best known for.

    2. Can't believe I'm disagreeing with Big Dude (whose comments I always enjoy). But I love Warhol's choices in the models in this series, and his decisions in posing them. I would be very pleased to see more photos from his contact sheets.
      The amazing variety of material in your posts is just one reason this is one my favorite blogs. I don't comment much, but I am a devoted viewer.
      Best wishes!

    3. Thanks, Nick! My only real complaint about Warhol's contact sheets is that he never published high quality versions of the vast majority of them.

  2. When Joe Eula who did the fashion illustrations for Halston was asked when the relationship between Halston and Victor soured he replied "The day they met". Victor also destroyed Warhol"s silkscreen of him by adding his own touches and Andy was furious and refused to do another one.