Friday, October 20, 2023

Duane Michals Day

Duane Michals (born 1932) is an American photographer who is described by many as having upended the U.S. photography scene during his long career.  Yet somehow I am only now giving him a well deserved day here on the blog.  Better late than never, I always say.  Here we go.



  1. Thanks for sharing these. I have always enjoyed Duane's rather quirky view of the world around him! And his societal commentary. And especially his attractive naked men--partly because many of them have very average bodies!

  2. Thank you for this Jerry, Michals is a favourite of mine. His work takes you into another realm of imagination and whimsy. What he does is pure magic.

    1. You're welcome, Pat, and I share your opinion of Mr. Michals' work.