Monday, October 30, 2023

Johnny Savage

Our last smiling model is Johnny Savage who looks happy, proud, and confident.
The photographer was Chuck Renslow of Kris.  Used by permission of copyright holder:
The Leather Archives and Museum of Chicago.



  1. You know I always like it when the models smile, Jerry. Thanks for a GREAT posting! And the fact that most of these males are uncircumcised is an added treat.

  2. I always enjoy seeing smiles too, but the fact of the matter is that some people just don't show a visible smile. I have even practiced in front of the mirror!!! I may think that I am smiling, but the mirror says "NO". This is definitely disappointing. It is either a somber face, or a grin with missing teeth!!! I don't really mind grinning, but just a pleasant smile would be nice. So, just because we see some of the photos on this site of men who look unhappy doesn't always mean that they are. Of course, being naked in front of a camera is definitely something to smile about, even if it doesn't show!!!

  3. Your granny was right! Let's all DO it!