Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Mizer's Movies

This is the first of three scenes from what I think are Bob Mizer/AMG movies or themed still shoots. 
 It is also the only one I found on my own.  The title is Witches and Wizards.



  1. Very evocative. I'd give that wizard/witch whatever he wants.

    1. I just realized that Mizer may have stolen the bit with the broom from Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice in Fantasia.

    2. BOB ADAMS & CHARLES BUTLER in the 1959 AMG b&w short film " WITCH BOY". The sorcerer (Bob Adams) studies his alchemy books and finds a formula for creating a witchboy. In need of an assistant to keep the lab neat, he experiments and is successful in his creation. However, the witch boy (Charles Butler) has not taste for work and openly defies the sorcerer until the latter shows him a symbol which the boy knows will turn him into nothingness if he doesn't obey,

    3. YW Jerry I never saw Fantasia so I have no idea if things were borrowed. Charles Butler reluctantly begins the chores of the laboratory. Satisfied things are under control, the sorcerer leaves the lab to go out on business. He has no sooner gone out the door than Charles is into mischief, mixing chemicals, admiring himself in the mirror, getting himself bit by a living mask and finally tiring Charles goes for a nap beneath the lab table. The sorcerer returns and finds Charles asleep. He is so angry that he does turn Charles back into nothingness. The Socerer is so lonely that he relents and brings Charles back again, letting him have the freedom he desires.