Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Streakers Day

It's streakers day, and as you'll see, there was something about cricket matches 
that brought these guys out in droves.  We'll see this fellow again later today, I think.



  1. This was a playful set! The guy here is the same one in two other photos, and it looks like he was having a grand time. Naturally his physique appeals to me!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the series, Pat! This guy is indeed admirable on more than one level.

  2. International cricket matches could last days and be boring as nothing happened. So guys watching cricket and drinking alcohol got bored and decided to liven things up. The three sticks with a stick over the three is the wicket. There are two wickets. One batsman stands in front of one and defends it from cricket balls thrown by the bowler. If the batsman hits the ball he may run to the other wicket, and the man at the other wicket runs to his wicket and becomes the batsman if he stays there. Cricket was shaken up by Rupert Murdoch who introduced one day matches which are faster played, broadcast on television and livelier.