Thursday, November 23, 2023


World War I had already ended by the time the 1918 cover ran,
but the editors used it because virtually all the troops were still "over there."



  1. The idea of a turkey marching in step with a handsome, smiling soldier is so creative. And seeing a gun being used to carry vegetables after a horrible war may have been a hopeful image in 1918 of future peace.

    I loved this painting when you previously featured it in a black and white photo of Leyendecker's model viewing it above a fireplace. Thanks for publishing it again. I hadn't realized he painted it as a magazine cover. I'm glad so many people got to see it back then...and we still get to see it now.

    Part of me wants to believe that the obviously very smart turkey wised up when the leash was removed, and he made his get away. I'll be thinking of him at dinner today.

    Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!