Tuesday, November 28, 2023

John Hernec

When I posted another photo of Phil Campisi (sometimes spelled Campesi) a while back, 
I expressed hope that someone could provide some infor on the photographer, John Hernec.  
So far, no luck.  Maybe this time someone will come through.



  1. Jerry, did you check into whether John Hernec was a pseudonym for John Palatinus? Because I think that John Hernec might have been a nom de plume so to speak for some other photographer. I remember reading that Palatinus used several when he first began.

    1. I did some research and discovered that Hernec is of Slovenian origin and that there were at least seven families of that surname in New York in the mid-20th Century. Several of those included men named John. Would Palatinus have taken the name of a living person?

    2. I would think that Platinus would not take the name of a living person. But in 1950 would Platinus have known there might be a real John Hernec in NYC.?If you are absolutely sure of the name John Hernec and the spelling then I would tend to think it was a not well known pseodonym of a vintage physique photographer. I do not think John Platinus was well known and his other names might be almost unknown. It was just a suggestion because to me this photo looks like a Platinus early work.