Monday, November 13, 2023

Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy Day

I've frequently made reference to Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy's ascerbic comments on 
everything from wallpaper to interior furnishings to gardeners.  It's way past time to present 
a set of photos which I acquired from her, and I'm starting with 10 pictures from her vast 
collection of naked German soldiers.  MMTP could be brutally frank, and she called this one 
"Fat German soldier about to indulge in a spot of skinnydipping."  The real surprise was 
that she even posted the thing.  Of course, I loved it and told her so.



  1. I have fond memories of Mags from the Hunk Video (pay site; discussion forum) days. Her comments were always spot on, and very funny. When she found out I was leaving the site, she contacted me and offered to pay my fees for me. So very kind and generous.
    When I first saw you over in tumblr-land, I thought you were she.

    SB Dan