Sunday, December 31, 2023


The bartender is obviously the only one with any taste in this photo.  I suspect he's thinking, 
"Lordy, do those two have any idea how stupid they look?  I hope they go home with each other soon."  The best excuse I can make for them is that their mothers gave them those outfits for Christmas and made them promise to wear them for New Years.



  1. Looks to me like page from a maybe German mens clothes catalogue early 70s - look at all the pewter steins and mugs in the background

  2. There is something Donald Trump-ish about the guy on the right. They do say Republicans have the most to hide! Lol.

  3. Well, there's such a thing as good taste and such a thing as bad taste - but the people you really have to look out for are those with no taste at all.