Sunday, December 3, 2023

Lucio Visconti

This 1937 Horst photo of Lucio Visconti in Paris intrigues me.
Is the sky background natural or a techincal manipulation?



  1. I like the lighting here, and the expression on Mr. Visconti's face.

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  4. The modeling [aka lighting,] is so incredibly technically manipulated he wouldn't has taken so much on a field trip.
    [It is used to render a 3D subject upon a 2D photo, with definition.
    The sky is a studio backdrop.
    1. Hair light (also seen on back of neck.)
    2.High key light aim upwards onto hands and forehead.
    3. Fill Light. (Near camera lens creating the soft glow on the face can be seen in his eyes.)
    4. The 2nd fill, coming from welloff right side of camera, also seen in his eyes and on his neck.
    5. Backdrop light illuminating the backdrop.
    The typical sequence is backdrop, hair, high key, fill. (or, balanced fill known as Rembrant Lighting.
    This is exciting George Platt Lynne style modeling.

    1. Thanks for the interesting details! I thought there was some major production work there.