Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Four on a boat

It was February of 1970 when these four guys posed together on a boat or ship.
Disclosure:  I removed yellowing from this one with a filter.



  1. They are all good looking men, the one in dark pants in particular.

  2. Must have been a fun fishing trip!

  3. Guy on right, at first glance appears to not have a right leg !( it is well hidden).
    BTW, if you have Photoshop, in level or curves, you can do the white balance easily to remove yellowing by finding a spot in image that should be white/grey. Click on the spot and Photoshop does its magic. Finding different spots can yield different results so some trial/error often needed. In this image I had best result on the left's guy t-shirt on the darker area of it.