Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Miss Sadie Thompson - 1953

In 1953 Aldo Ray shared top billing with Rita Hayworth in his first war movie, Miss Sadie Thompson.  This started what became a long string of military roles that Mr. Ray later said led to typecasting.  Of Miss Hayworth, he said that he like her, but she never really had a chance at a normal life, having been pushed into show business at an early age by her greedy and abusive parents.  Whatever he thought about her background, the two had some real screen chemistry.



  1. One of my favorite performances of his. Again, holding his own against someone like Rita who was larger then life.

    1. Another example of HUGE stars with whom he successfully worked.

  2. I think he was confident enough of his skills not be over shadowed by anyone. In this film in particular he stands out even above Rita and Jose Ferrer.

  3. I've watched the opening scene, as he gets out of the water again and again and I noticed the current BR disc is cropped to turn it back to the original cinemascope format. The bottom strip is cut just below the navel. A few minor goofs in the movie, like when his army pants are wet one moment and dry the next instance.

    Filmed in 3D back then.