Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Pat and Mike - 1953

Aldo Ray played opposite Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn as a boxer named Davy Hucko in 1953's Pat and Mike.  The director was George Cukor, a more or less openly gay man who held pool parties where handsome young male actors swam nude in his pool to entertain the guests.  The photo below shows, Tracy, Hepburn, Cukor, and our hero on the set.

There have been persistent rumors that Aldo Ray did more than just swim nude to gain Cukor's favor, but after researching this for years, I haven't found any proof either way.  When asked about the parties, Aldo was quoted as saying,  "I don't think what I did with Geoge Cukor compromised me in any way."
Below, a low chemistry shot of Aldo Ray and Katherine Hepburn.



  1. Yeah, perhaps Cukor wanted him to wear no undies. Check Pat & Mike, when he's jogging in his trainers with Katherine Hepburn, and Spencer Tracey rides along on his bike. Flip flop it goes. Cheers.