Friday, January 5, 2024

Reclining furball

The reclining guy here is the same fellow in the first photo in today's series.



  1. Does look like an old magazine he is reading. Maybe recently out of military or got a job requiring short hair (around 1970). Or cut his hair looking for a job.

    1. The haircuts do mostly seem a bit out of date for the year given.

    2. They do but there was a bit of a culture war going on around 1970 and lots of religious, business and conservative people and their families sported the shorter hair while their contemporaries grew it longer. Of course it could have just been what the photographer or photo collector was into. Jumping a decade later I was alway amazed at punk rock audiences and how many had “regular” hair cuts and not Mohawks or weird cuts, and not the tattoos that are featured in every show or movie about the time period. Pardon the long tangent. Love the photos. You rule!

    3. Thanks for the info and the compliment.

  2. Not looking at his haircut-Dee Exx

  3. Any ID10T can manscape.
    But, not many can grow all the hair, where they want.
    More hairy the better.