Saturday, January 6, 2024

This time the boxers ar U.S. Army.  Too bad several are cropped out of the picture.



  1. That is a shame I would have liked to have seen all of the guys. The guy sitting centre left has impressive pecs. Makes me think of Aldo Ray.

    1. A friend and I started researching Aldo Ray with writing a biography in mind, but we suspended work due to Covid and never went back to it. He has some interesting elements in his backstory.

    2. Wow! Is there a chance you may go back to it? I heard some things involving George Cukor's infamous pool parties but nothing to substantiate the rumours that he was bi or gay friendly. A bar in Toronto had his picture (shirtless) on the wall as a patron saint for all who enjoyed bear types.

    3. I have a lot of material, but need much more. The problem is that very little of the source material has been digitized. Most of it is in the form of diaries, letters, unpublished memoires, and journalist's notes. The stories the journalists wrote are mostly on line, but it's the stuff they didn't publish in the articles that is most interesting.

      On Cukor's parties, Mr. Dare (his real name, pronounced Dah-ray) said, "I don't think anything I did with George Cukor really compromised me in any way." I had to travel 4000 miles and sit in a poorly lighted cubicle in a small town library to glean that from a deceased journalist's interview notes.

    4. Some links:
      From wikipedia: The biggest mistake I ever made was discovering women. I only wish society had been as free and easy when I was coming along as it is today because if that had been the case I wouldn't have been married."
      An Internet search for phots will turn up many beefcake shots.

  2. Sounds like a lot of work is involved to get it all, but what interesting work it would be. There is something about Aldo!