Friday, February 16, 2024

Douglas of Detroit

Of all of today's finds, I'm most pleased with this Doug Juleff photo of Bob Delmonteque for several reasons.  First, one can never have too many works by that pairing.  Second, it's above average even for such a high calibre operation,  And last, it somehow survived destruction by the Detroit Police.  Given that I found it on a resale site that specializes in estate sales, I am fairly certain that it was sent to a buyer before the police raid and held for the rest of his life.  Now we have it.



  1. There's no such thing as a bad photo of Delmontique, is there?

  2. Amazing that this survived in the hands of someone who appreciated it. I can only imagine the treasures that have yet to be discovered!

    1. There have to be more out there, and it's not only estate sales that are increasing the known catalog of Mr. Juleff and others. Some living collectors are sharing their photos on line, and that's a wonderful thing. I think they finally realized that having digital copies in circulation does not necessarily lower the value of authenticated period prints. In fact, the increased interest might actually increase those values.

  3. An amazing and superb survivor. The ever elegant Mr Delmonteque, showing how to do it.