Tuesday, February 20, 2024

John Latouche, 1914-1954

Our last Carl van Vechten image is a portrait of Broadway lyricist John Latouche, taken during his World War II service in the U.S. Navy.  Mr. Latouche had a string of hit shows on Broadway and worked closely with everyone from Duke Ellington to Leonard Bernstein.  Openly gay, he died of a sudden heart attack at age 41 and was survived by long term partner Kenward Elmslie.



  1. Taken way too soon. Wonderful career. Fascinating that there were men who lived and worked openly gay. Something that became less accepted not too long after he passed.

    1. Yes, an amazing life cut short. I never would have known his story had I not come across this picture while researching Car van Vechten. One look at that smile and I needed to find out who this guy was. Glad I did.

  2. I really don't know much about him, but what I have read is very interesting. This is a wonderful picture of John, who wrote one of my favorite songs Lazy Afternoon. Such a talent. Thanks for this one Jerry.