Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Larry Scott

Pat Milo is said by some to have had a crush on champion bodybuilder Larry Scott.



  1. I don't blame Milo for having that crush on him. Larry Scott was the first bodybuilder I was exposed to. Back in my youth, had I known he had done nudes, my fluttering heart would have fluttered itself into nirvana.

    Interestingly enough, Mr. Scott looked identical to a guy from school. The school guy was an exhibitionist, and liked to put on a show or two. His oversized bulge was a thing to behold. I ran into him in the Navy, where he promptly made a pass at me; alas, I was too dense at the time to even consider that a macho farm boy like him would ever be interested in other men that way, let alone me.

    SB Dan

    1. I think we've all had those moments where we missed out on a great opportunity. Fate has a strange way of sending us where we end up.

  2. I don’t want to come across as a cynical asshole but who wouldn’t crush on Larry, gay or straight?