Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Richard Avedon - In the American West

When I posted a single photo from Richard Avedon's monumental work In the American West a few weeks ago, I promised to post more, so here they are.  Mr. Avedon took over five years (1979-84) to complete this remarkable body of work for the Amon G. Carter Museum of Art in Fort Worth.  If you take the time to closely look at these photographs, I think you will connect with the men in them.  I am posting them without comment, using only the museum descriptors.  Above, Mr. Avedon at work.



  1. Such a powerful series. Really does speak for itself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is a powerful series. I would say the book is an essential addition to anyone looking to build their collections. A groundbreaking approach for this genre at the time. Thanks Jerry.

    1. You're welcome, Pat! I have to add that the setting for the cowboy picture above is just so damn real. The tire on the ground, the two guys sitting on the fence watching, the feed grain silo . . . all just so sublime, and they didn't even make it into the picutre. They did, however, help MAKE the picture.