Friday, March 29, 2024

Anatomy lesson

I previously posted a front facing version of this anatomy lesson photo.



  1. This photo reminds me of an anatomy class where I had to take off my shirt so the other students could see and count my ribs. I was very thin at the time and my ribs were very visible. The teacher even underlined my floating ribs with red chalk!!!

    1. That's waht we call "hands on" education. I can't guess if you were embarrassed or enjoying yourself. Maybe both?

    2. Jerry, I was embarrassed at first then amused, but I was only 11 years old...I think my teacher was a little naughty, he was the only one who undressed with us, his little students in a Shared changing room when we went to the swimming pool. The other teachers isolated themselves in a cabin, but this one took pleasure in showing off his nudity to his young students.

    3. Our physical education teachers showered and dressed in the same rooms with the students. Some of them were very nice to look at, some not so much.

    4. Very different times. Good to remember the good ones.