Sunday, March 17, 2024

North Shore Oahu?

This looks like an isolated spot I know on the North Shore of Oahu.



  1. Living so far inland, I know nothing about surfing. Is bareassing it a common way to surf? Could these males be charged with indecent exposure? Of course, I believe that, like beauty, indecency is in the eye of the beholder.

    1. Nude surfing is relatively rare, but would be more common if more nude beaches had good surf. Avid surfers are very picky about wave qualilty, and the underwater terrain, currents, and even wind patterns play a role. You can't do it just anywhere there's a beach. Some of the best surf spots in my part of Hawaii are along rocky shorelines, and that can get dicey, but people do it.

    2. Surfing in pre-Colonial Hawaii was always done nude. The missionaries came along and banned it for that reason. Feh.

      SB Dan

    3. True, Dan. Don't start me on what the missionaries did to Hawaii.