Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Donnie Kay

I've only seen a few color photos by Troy Saxon, and I hope this one of Donnie Kay
 is an original and not someone's colorization job after the fact.



  1. Especially strong buttocks but nice all around. Nice photo and color. I wonder if it was a conscious choice to have less/ no oil on his butt while it’s quite liberal everywhere else except his head.

  2. I think i have come to regret the oiling era of physique photography. My favorite photos are the ones using natural light and in those the posing seems more natural as well.

    1. I have to say that the oil is overdone here, except on his bottom, an noted above by Anon. What started as a bodybuilders' exhibition technique to enhance the appearance of muscle definition became a cliche' in physique photography for over a decade. When done lightly, it can be pleasing to me, but too much and it looks like those greased pig contests at the county fair. Everyone is entitled to their taste, though.

  3. I have looked at this photograph many times over the years and wondered too if was colorized. I finally came to the conclusion that is wasn't, because the oil is heavier on his back and legs than on his butt, and I am not sure the colorization process is sophisticated enough to be that subtle. In any event I have all ways liked the photograph, oil and all ( the green is also a subtle shade). I keep mine in a file featuring unusual and saturated colors. That might be a possible theme for you some day. Thanks for posting the picture.