Thursday, May 16, 2024


This young man looked familiar, and it took a moment to figure out why.  For years I worked with a number of young Finnish men, and he reminds me of one.  The Finns and Esstonians are ethnic cousins, and DNA studies show a lot of common origins.



  1. Others are related through the Finno-Ugric family of languages, though very remotely. (i.e Hungarians, and the Komi and Mordvin people of Russia.)…:)

    1. I was standing in line at the Hilo airport one day, and I was sure the couple behind me were speaking Finnish, so I asked, "Oletko suomalainen?" They giggled and said in English, "No we are Estonian, but you are close." They were old enough to have been adults when the Russians pulled out, so I asked them what was the biggest non-political change was. Without hesitation, the husband said, "We ordered a shipload of Coca Cola from Sweden. We knew that if the Russians let us have Pepsi, Coke had to be better."