Tuesday, May 7, 2024

George O'Brien Day

George O'Brien (1899-1985) was an American film star who also spent a great deal of his life 
in the U.S. Navy.  He volunteered in 1917 for World War I and then again in 1942, remaining in
 the Navy Reserve until well into his 60s.  He was recalled to active duty for both Korea and 
Vietnam, and was up for a promotion to Admiral when he retired.  In between all that, he 
managed to appear in over 50 feature films, being a favorite of director John Ford.  Above is a 
publicity still from a mid-1920s silent movie, and below, he is in his natural element at sea.  
Quite the man, and well deserving of a day here on my blog..



  1. Wonderful series and amazing man and life.

  2. Both photos say so much about this man. I would have loved to meet him. Such an interesting and dedicated career!

  3. Beautiful profile and physique portrait by Fox Studio photographer Max Mun Autrey ….:)

  4. FYI- Great illustrated biography on George O’Brien by David Menefee.

  5. By marriages, he's my 6th cousin, once removed. Links:'Brien-8940'brien