Friday, May 24, 2024

I wasn't able to find a name for either the artist or the model in this interesting photo.



  1. Such a beautiful collection from Mr. Barton, a look back to a different time in history. I remember having fleeting impulses to move there back in the day. How I would have loved to walk into a studio such as this one! Thank you for this series.

    1. You're welcome, vv! I never had the urge to move there, but did visit in the late 70s and again 20 years later. The change was remarkable, and not for the better.

  2. This is really wild. Never saw this. It’s really special. Thanks so much for this series.

  3. How fitting an image, an artist and his studio.
    What a time and place it was, having lived and survived it in LA and SF.
    Driving from LA to SF on the 5 and the PCH and seeing California in all its glory.
    ( in a 1966 Plymouth Valiant coupe with a slant six no less :)
    Now it’s all changed, the gay scene is not what it was and there’s a loss of community. It’s a shock how SF has changed as well as LA, so damned expensive, only for those that can afford it. In my day they still had very affordable rents which made both cities inclusive and diverse, now not so much :(
    What memories….:)