Thursday, May 23, 2024

Rudolph Hradil

After the fall of the Nazi regime in 1945, Anton Kolig was able to resume painting 
with the style and subjects he preferred.  This is a Rudolph Hradil who posed in 1948.



  1. Can't decide if this is my favourite or the very first one. Great series, Jerry!

  2. This was a treat! I admire his work, because there is a energy to it and I love his choice of vibrant luminous color. I missed out on seeing an exhibition in Berlin last year. Next time maybe. Thanks Jerry!

    1. You're welcome, Pat! Not that I need an excuse to go back to Vienna, but I want to return to see more of his work at the Leopold.

  3. Beautiful use of form and color in this striking male nude by Kolig.
    Vienna is home to the many nationalities that made up the former Austrian Empire. Wonderful tribute of Anton Kolig and his artwork, as Austrians would say danke!