Sunday, June 30, 2024

Finally, a treasure and a story

When I posted this G.P. Lynes image several years ago, I lamented the lack of information about it.  Well, a copy was found in the estate of Paul Cadmus' lover of 35 years Jonathan Anderson.  On the back was the year, 1941 and a red stamp saying "Collection of Paul Cadmus."  Below that was a stamp saying "Collection of Jon Anderson."  Mr. Anderson passed away in 2018, having outlived Mr. Cadmus by two decades.  This photo must have been very special to have been preserved and handed down.  I thought it was amazing before, and even more so now.



  1. One never tires of viewing his work. His experiments with shadow and light and his talent for creating a relaxed and comfortable setting for his subjects goes without saying. A brilliant photographer. Thanks Jerry.

  2. GPL’s photos are a window of the homophile artistic milieu of NYC,
    the likes of which will never be seen again. NYC is too expensive for artists today, it’s a wonder the arts can even flourish there under that circumstance….:(

    1. Good point. NYC is still a major arts center, but too expensive for those just starting out.