Saturday, June 1, 2024

Fooled again!

I snagged the photo above just as you see it during the Sack of Tumblr, thinking it was early 
or mid-20th Century.  Fast forward to when I'm putting together today's series, and I decide
 to do a Google Images search to see if I can find out who took it.  Well, I did, and it turns 
out to be by a guy named Kevin McDermott from the early 21st Century
 as seen below.  It's neither the first nor last time I've been fooled.



  1. I would have been fooled also, the crew cut on the top guy made me think it was 1960's. Regardless, it's a great shot and pose. And that is one magnificent body and backside!

    1. I think someone may have used an "antiquing" filter in addition to converting it to black and white.

  2. Sublimieren, wie aus einer anderen Zeit.
    Ein begehrenswertes Foto von zwei Athleten aus McDermott.:)