Thursday, June 13, 2024

Swedish Ford Factory Film

Ford had a factory in Sweden in 1948, and they made this film of the men in a sauna and the showers.  Many thanks to Larry K. of who sent me this.



  1. Are the lack of full- frontal shots, and the shower stalls, American influence? The Swedes seemed to be less inhibited than we are, so it just seems our of character for them to be so modest.

    1. This was probably intended for mass viewing, much like a newsreel. As such, frontal nudity would not have been shown, even in Sweden. If someone had taken frontal still photos for art purposes, it might have been possible to exhibit them in a gallery. The American corporate structure likely had nothing to do with the whole project.

  2. In the shower, I really like the gentleman on the right. I really like her little curves

  3. Nice tattooed guy