Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Bath House Day, Part 2 - Gay Baths

Part two of out triple feature goes gay.  From the earliest days of public baths, men have 
engaged in sexual activity with each other on site.  One example would be the Everard Baths 
of New York City, which was notorious for such as early as the late 19th Century.  By the 1960s, 
bath houses operated by and for gays sprang up in nearly every large American city.  
Not long after, bath house porn began to appear.



  1. John Towers (center) and Clay Russell (right) eye the guy on the left in the Nova film loop Head for The Showers. The guy on the left was never identified and has no interaction in this loop. John was also known as Butch McAlister. Clay was the Playgirl centerfold in the February, 1979 who called him David Grant -- possibly his real name. This loop was made around the same time as the PG shoot. Clay would go on to do 1,463* films that kept him busy well into 1990s.

    * That number may be slightly exaggerated.

    1. Thanks for the info, James! I have posted some of Mr. Grant's Playgirl photos and didn't recognize him here.

  2. I have not seen this particular "loop" in years but I do recall they could have benefitted from the use of a cinematographer and a professional editor! Lol. Early days I imagine being what they were.

    1. At that time, most consumers of such material were so glad to find anything at all that they rarely complained about quality unless the videos were unviewable . . . which happened regularly.