Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Der Wäger

Der Wäger (above and below from a different angle) was supposed to represent the spirit of the Reich, but got more attention for the fact that it appeared that Dr. Karl Brandt has posed for it, at least from the neck up.  Brandt, the man behind the euthanasia and medical experimentation programs of the Third Reich had the distinction of being the only war criminal condemned to death by both the Nazis and the Allies.  The Nazis convicted him of moving his family away from Berlin so that they would be in the zone of the Americans at the end of the war.  His friend Heinrich Himmler managed to delay the intended execution long enough for the war to end, but the Americans hanged him in 1948 for a variety of war crimes.



  1. Wie passend, das Konterfei von Brand wird von Vogeln beschissen.:)