Sunday, July 7, 2024


This is believed by a number of experts to be Mr. Goldman himself in one of the bedrooms at Sallie Shearer's place.  The only question about the photo's provenance seems to be whether this was a self portrait done with a timer, or if he had one of the girls or other patrons snap the shutter.



  1. If it IS him, I admire his boldness in practicing what he preached, so to speak. BigDude

  2. I enjoyed the photos from today's post. I always enjoy seeing full-frontal pictures of naked men. I especially appreciate that people were taking these pictures many years ago.

  3. Glass plates were nowhere near as sensitive as analogue films of today. A selfie would require a camera that had timer to open exposure and one close it. Mamy cameras just had a "T" settong (today on cameras, it would be B(. to keep shutter opened until buitton is released. And there is the issue of ensuring the focus is done properly for where you will be standing.
    It is possible this was a selfie? yes, But that would be dependant on having state of the art (back then) camera. (but with strong enough lighting, you could have an exposure of less than 1 seconds that worked with the camera's internal springs etc. And glass plates required very quick development after picture taken, so it would have been quite an erotic rush for the person to see himself appear slowly as the developper changed the glass plate to reveal shape of his body and equipment. (negative film was developped in a spool, so you didn't see invididual images in the negative, but glass plates were large and developped individually).

  4. One of the few pix from that era showing body hair, for reasons we've explored previously. Mr. Goldman must have been fairly hairy for this to show up as well as it did. Thanks for this set. I wonder if Bellocq (sp?) in New Orleans photographed any male nudes while he was documenting the working girls of Storyville?-Dee Exx

    1. Mr. Goldman was an expert photographer and recognized as such, so he may have had the technical skills to overcome the factors that tended to blanche out body hair. On the other hand, he may just have been super hairy.