Friday, December 28, 2018

I find it odd that the only really good derriere photo I have of Norman Tousley is by an unknown artist.  I can't believe that all the great photographers who worked with him didn't manage 
to get some great shots of his very fine backside.


  1. Hi.Didn't Norman Tousley run into trouble with the Law over His modeling ?

    1. I seem to recall that he may have. He was a firefighter, and his superiors would not have liked his choice of a sideline. He did eventually retire as a firefighter, so at least he didn't lose his job over it.

  2. Tousley was ousted from the fire dept in 1955 for his physique photo work.
    (per Oakland Tribune April 22, 1955) He was 29 at that time.
    He then took his case to court and won a judgement for reinstatement.
    Lost a 12 y.o. son in 1963, divorced 1970, retired 1974.
    -Rj in the IE