Thursday, December 13, 2018

I've had several requests for hairy men photos since I moved over here to Blogger.  So that's tonight's theme, and we start with what might be an AMG photo of a guy with 
some distinctly defined fur patterns.  Edited to add:  As noted in the comments below, this is Jason who was featured in the Colt Gallery #6 magazine.


  1. I believe he is very early Colt model, like late 60s-not many pics and none that I remember erect - trying to remember his name as it was rather strange - something like Rhhn St.James in a early Colt mag - I'll keep looking cause now I'm curious lol

    1. Now I'm curious, too. Please let me know if you get any info. Thanks!

  2. Hot hairy man, gorgeous body and fur

  3. This is Jason who was featured in the Colt Gallery #6 magazine. This was probably in the very early 70's. It was after French moved to California.

  4. Yes - I also ran across a reference to the Colt Gallery issue - I also found him in two issues of the Ah Men clothing catalog around 1970-71 - about half the guys in it were also Colt models - David Miller, Dakota. Jim Cassidy, Erron etc