Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our theme is guys and towels in the locker room.  I wonder of the two at left are gossiping about the guy at right?


  1. I used to enjoy the casual nudity in locker rooms. These days it seems as if the younger men are ashamed of their cocks and balls - they do their best to stay covered up; many don't even shower before changing back into street clothes.

    1. I agree that a whole generation of younger men is losing the experience of shared masculinity that results from being casually nude together. Nothing sexual about it . . . just common acceptance of their male bodies is something beneficial that is being lost.

    2. Look at the internet full of captured private moments on cams and phones. Many may now fear being exposed for the age to come. At my pool parties I now refuse cam use so my friends can feel totally free to show and not be filmed-- it has done wonders for their nude freedom and public exposure. Guests leave the phone locked up at the door or they don't get in or invited back.

  2. A mon avis il doivent parler de son cul qui doit être très bandant !!! Mmmm
    In my opinion he must talk about his ass must be very horny! mmmm