Monday, December 17, 2018

The shower heads are tiny in this World War I photo, but the guy at left isn't.  You chubby chasers out there will no doubt find him pleasing.


  1. Sur cette photo certains hommes paraîssent avec le pubis rasé. J'ignorais qu'à cette époque que des hommes pratiquaient déjà cette tendance. Les autres ne se moquaient-ils pas?
    In this photo some men appear with shaved pubis. I did not know that at that time men were already practicing this trend. Did not the others laugh at each other?

    1. Albert, a lot of us vintage photo collectors have noticed that body and pubic hair are often minimized by the technical limitations of early flash photography. The harsh flashes produced an effect called "blanching" that lightens body hair almost to the point of invisibility.