Monday, December 17, 2018

Navigating and participating in this blog

Navigating and participating in this blog

Well, tumblr did its number, and a lot of you have followed Vintage Muscle Men to the brave new world (to most of us, anyway) of Google Blogger.  I thought it might be helpful at this stage to point out some of the interactive features of Blogger . . . or at least the ones I've figured out so far.  In some ways, this platform is more interactive, and I like that, so here's the list.

Comments are interactive on Blogger, allowing replies to specific comments which can result in viewer conversations.  I love that, and it has happened a few times already.  Getting comments started is a bit odd, though.  If there are no comments so far, the comment button at the bottom of each post will say "No Comments."  Some folks interpret this as "No Comments Allowed" which is entirely not the case.  Just click on the "No Comments" button and comment away.  If you want to reply to a comment, just click "Reply" and possibly start a conversation.

No "Like" Button
For whatever reason, Blogger does not have a "Like" button on every post.  They do allow bloggers to activate the Reactions bar, which has boxes you can tick that say funny, interesting, or cool.  As people say, it is what it is.  I have it on the blog just above the comment bar.

Tags are now Labels
On the right side of the opening page is a list of labels that correspond to the tags I used on tumblr.  Thanks to a better indexing system, I can use a simplified list.  For those of you who enjoy particular themes, just click on the label on the list that you like, and you will see all posts from that theme.

Different Archive
One of the features I don't like about Blogger is that the archive is a list on the right side of the opening page rather than a separate page with thumbnail images.  Too bad, that.  The archive can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the triangles next to each category.  I may eventually remove the archive if it doesn't prove to be useful.

Blogger has a good search engine located just below the Archive on my blog.

There are actually three ways to keep up with the new blog.  First, you can simply bookmark the page and come here any time you want.  Second and third, there are buttons at the bottom of the opening page for following with a Google account or subscribing by email.  Your email will not be visible to anyone but me, btw.

The contact form at the top right of the opening page allows for us to make private contact via email, and I am enjoying on-going conversations with several followers this way.  As with following, your email will be private.

Viewer comments and questions are welcome on this or any other post!


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